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Seeking a Ph.D. in AI, robotics, vision, and autonomous intelligent systems. Currently, I am a college senior at UNIST, studying Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science. You can find more information about me from my webpage:

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Areas of mentorship:
1. Artificial Intelligence.
2. Robotics
3. Autonomous Intelligent Systems,

Okan ýerleri :

2017-2021: BS in Computer Science and Engineering , Electrical Engineering.

Işlän ýerleri :

2020: Research Assistant at "AI, Robotics, and Transportation" ART lab at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology.
2019-2020: Undergraduate Research Intern at AIS lab, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology.
2019: Summer Research intern at RPAI lab, at Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Muhammetmyrat Yarmatov


AI | Robotics | Vision |

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